It’s That Time

Dear Everyone,

Unfortunately the time has come for me to write my this blog. Last week, on Tuesday, I went into the hospital to get an MRI on my brain. For about seven weeks things were becoming more and more difficult for me and Jon was worried. We met with our neurologist the week prior and he suggested that it would be a good idea to get the MRI and Dr. M agreed. I wasn’t really in a rush to get it but over that weekend I started to get confused easily and was starting to have some pain. So, Jon asked the doctors if they could hurry up the MRI and he scheduled it for Wednesday. On Tuesday, the clinic called and said they had a bed for me today and to get your butt here. So, we packed up and made our way to the hospital. We checked in and later that day we got our scan, but to get it they had to put me to sleep otherwise my tremors would ruin the image. At 7:30 in the evening I arrived back to my room happier than I’ve been in a long time. Jon told me that I ripped out my IV proclaiming that I’m done with the hospital, while blood squirted out of the wound. Julio, the fireman, was waiting for me outside the door, and there was a bunch of kids in the bathroom playing. Whatever they gave me was GREAT!!! I don’t know if Jon enjoyed it much, but at least I made him laugh.

On Wednesday, Dr. M came to see us in the late morning and told us the bad news. The cancer is growing and there are no more medical options available to me. At this point the goal is to make me as comfortable as possible. So, I got some new pills to help with my pain and they work most of the time. I still get really bad spells of pain but for most of the day I’m doing okay. I have problem using the toilet now so I have to be on a special diet that sucks. I hate being told I can’t eat something.

But what I hate the most is doing this, telling my friends that I’m not going to live much longer. It breaks my heart having to tell you and hearing the pain in your voices as you search for the words in response. But take comfort, I’m getting ready for the end. I’ve fought for almost six years and made the most out of my time. Jon and I ventured all over the world, I spent time with my family, and lived as best I could. I regret not having children with Jon and, frankly, not seeing everything this world has to offer. I wish I could see all my friends have their babies, especially my dearest friend Randi. I wish I could host one more party with all of my friends. I wish I could cook another meal with my mother, but alas, there is no more time for these things. All the time I have now is to say good-bye and wish you all happiness and peace. May you all spend your life as I did exploring the world, seeking new experiences, helping others and eating great food and drinking even better wine.

So the only thing I have left to say to you know is GOOD-BYE AND I LOVE YOU!




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  1. Constanza Burgueño

    Eli lo único que puedo responder a este post es gracias a ti por compartir tu experiencia con todos nosotros, por ser un ejemplo de valentía y coraje. Solo amor para ti y tu familia.


  2. Julie A Kaifesh

    It breaks my heart for you and all those that love you to have to think of saying goodbye.Know that you have been a bright spot in our lives, that we love you, and that love is an energy more powerful than anything. It goes on forever.


  3. Britt

    My beautiful friend, you have taught me how to live and given so much love every step along the way. You are forever in our hearts. We love you.


  4. hillcountrydaytrips

    Timmsy, I keep saying I love you and wishing you peace. But I also want to say I realize you are realistically not full of peace. I’m so sorry for all the things you won’t get to do, all the love you won’t be able to keep giving. If it means anything to you at all, I think of you all the time — and you remind me to be grateful for my health and all I can do, and to not waste time, and to travel much more than I’ve been doing, and to get over it when I’m feeling grumpy because life is beautiful and I have nothing to be grumpy about. Thank you for your honesty all along the way. I will miss you more than words can express. -StanB


  5. Tiffany

    Eli, you are an incredible woman. You are tenacious and a fighter. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to know you. Love you sister!


  6. Ginger Ash

    Thank you for enriching my life since you were nine years old. Through the blog, I met the love of your life and read about the happiest and saddest of days in this difficult journey for you and your family.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
    Love, Mrs. Ash


  7. Janet

    Eli, I’m praying for you and Jon everyday! I feel so blessed that I got to spend time with you at the wedding and reception! You are one of the strongest person that I know. I will cherish life so much more by knowing you! Love always Janet


  8. Geneal Fendrick

    Bless you, dear Eli…you have fought long and hard and I was hoping for a different outcome for you and Jon. I wish you comfort and love today and always.


  9. Jane Chesney

    You have fought the good fight and touched many lives over the course of your own life. Truly, you have been an inspiration for all.


  10. Lauren A Johnston

    Eli…. I have no words, only emotions and the strongest is love for you and Jon. Fight it till the end, and know that your cheering section will never be silenced, and that you are loved to the far corners of the world. Love to you, my fierce fighting friend.


  11. Pru Mckenzie

    I LOVE and ADORE you ELI!!! Love and Light sweet baby! You are an inspiration to all! Thank you for sharing your love with us all! TKM!!! Besos miles ❤


  12. Denise Sandy-Sanchez

    As educators, we never know the moment or series of moments that make a difference. Miquela was positively impacted by your relationship with her, in Dalian. As parents we want the best for our children, we want people to see them with the lens of greatest potential, and want them to be supported and guided with honesty and integrity. You modeled this to our daughter and I am sure to so many other students. Your life was designed with purpose and I am blessed to say your life has demonstrated the ability of a person who lives each day with kindness, makes time for others, takes on adventures and lives with joy, and supports those who are in need as well as celebrates those who are experiencing success. I believe your life has blessed many, because I experienced it first hand. Thank you for being gentle, strong, caring, firm, and a model for experiencing greatness and sharing greatness. You and your family are in my prayers. I pray for peace, I pray for strength, and I pray that you focus on everything you accomplished, because your actions and your love have allowed others to experience a fuller life. Many blessings to you and thank you, thank you for teaching Miquela more than curriculum, but for also holding her hand and her heart.

    Denise Sandy-Sánchez


  13. Carlos Soriano

    All the love and peace for you and Jon in these moments. I lost my brother to cancer, and my view on life changed. I focus now on what is really important, family and helping others when possible. Take all your experiences and love given and recieived, and cherish every moment. Its not easy with the pain… if I could take it away, belive menI would. I am sorry you have to endure it, but take comfort in your husband, and the people around you who will give you love until you go in peace. God bless you. Carlos


  14. Richard Oblath

    Eli: You have been such an inspiration to many who know you from happier times and have read your blog post over the past few years. Throughout this battle you have demonstrated bravery plus a passion for doing what you could with your students, your travels with Jon and your time with family. We will never forget. May you go in peace knowing you have made a difference to those whose paths you have crossed.


  15. Chad Mills

    You’ve brought us closer as a community, and you’ve been a memory maker in your time here in Chile. Thanks for sharing your love and zest for life with us. Your battle, and this blog of it, has taught us all so much. Wishing you strength and serenity. Love you both.


  16. Karens

    Dear Eli, I don’t know how well you remember me, but your parents are treasured friends from my motley Cooper years. (They say only a boring person has no regrets!) I promise to be a comfort and helpful support to your wonderful parents as best as I possibly can when needed. You are an outstanding person I am proud to have known. (Just check your lower school report card comments.) My love and thoughts are with you.



  17. Terry

    Dear Eli,
    I love you and know you through your parents (fellow Oxonians) and Ginger Ash who has been faithfully sending me your inspiring blogs. I only met you once at your Houston home before you left for China where you were destined to meet the love of your life, Jon, before moving to Santiago. I am truly grateful for the way you have generously shared your life with us all. You have touched us deeply through your beautiful writing, teaching and living! You also gifted your Mom and Dad with a wonderful “son”, Jon, and his parents too with you as a “daughter”!
    I cannot tell you how many (probably thousands) of people you inspired through your beautiful, full, adventuresome and loving life. You shared your very beautiful heart and soul with us all. All this will remain with us, get passed down to the children of your friends that you wanted to meet and see born. For us now, we remain in awe of all you have done in the short time while on earth. I don’t know of anyone like you who savors every moment wherever you are and has the eyes, ears and breath to inhale every wonder of our world with such gusto. You are a teacher par excellence not just of English but of life. You have done all this with incredible love and generosity. You have very wisely and lovingly touched us all in “soul-places” we didn’t even know existed. These lessons that you have lived extraordinarily and gracefully will live on and be passed on for generations to come. This is how you will be remembered and how you will live on in so many lives you have touched and will touch!
    There is no doubt that you will live on in spirit always! May your ending here on earth be painless, peaceful and surrounded by love from around the world! God has given us a wonderful gift in YOU!

    With Love and Gratitude,
    Terry Wykowski”


  18. April

    There are no words, Eli. Thank you for sharing your journey with us – I’ve learned so much . . . And I’ve seen pictures of many places I now want to visit in your photos! Sending you love and thanks. Y un abrazote, mi amiga.


  19. Emily Foley Nault

    I know it has been many years since the days of John Cooper but I am inspired by your strength and courage. You are an inspiration to us all.. your strength will live on. I hope you are at peace..


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