Me To Fight Again

Last week I went to the doctors to get some conclusive news about my worsening symptoms. Unfortunately, I had to take new scans, an MRI with contrast and a PET scan, which means that I had to take off my wedding ring from my very steroid swollen fingers, for the 15th time. The results were not great. Dr. C reassured us, again, that his surgery went perfectly, however the worsening symptoms have no surgical remedy, so with that done, he sped out to catch his flight to Japan. Apparently his surgical success meant that I have less of a headache, but I still have to deal with the shaking head, lack of fine motor skills, balance issues, and a weakening tongue. Oh yeah, and I now have to feel a wire that runs from my skull down into my stomach. Well done, Dr. C!

Sometime after Dr. C cheerfully left us to go on his trip, Dr. M came in to share his side of the story. You know it’s bad news when the doctor comes up immediately from the scan room. He didn’t even have to wait for an expert to read the results. And as you know the news wasn’t good. Apparently, the largest tumor has barely grown but the smaller tumors in the meninges portion of the brain are growing and spreading. The meninges is the area between the brain and the skull that helps cushion the brain. Luckily, according to Dr. M, there is still a treatment option. The treatment has a 40% chance of having some success, meaning I can stay the same as I am now or maybe even get a little better.

Now is the time for you to cue up the theme music, Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar, start pumping your fist in the air Kate Harvey style, and scream with me, “I’ll never give up! You can’t beat me!”.

But I’m not fighting an ordinary opponent and I’m getting tired. It’s getting harder every day to stand up to the cancer. It’s a battle I’m not sure I’ll win but I will go down swinging, even if I need Jon, Ali, Mom and Dad to hold me up to fight.

Thank you for all the support you’ve given me through this journey and thank you to all of you who’ve donated to help my family. I couldn’t do this without you. I love you all.





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  1. Janet

    Ok Eli, I just listened to ( hit me with your best shot) and danced around the house!! You go girl and I will keep playing it and throwing up my fists and dancing you go girl and stay strong. Wish I could do more!! ❤️ to you🌺


  2. Julie Kaifesh

    Do you remember so many years ago when we went through the haunted forest? You were afraid but you hung on tight. Hang on tight, Eli Cheesecake. We love you.


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