MRI Stupidity

So… Jon took off work this morning to drive me to my very important MRI appointment. I had filled out all of the paperwork last week and sent it in to the hospital and someone from Clinica Alemana even called to confirm the appointment. Unfortunately, when we got there, it took forever to check me in. When the nurse came back she said “I’m sorry- Ms. Timms. But due to internal telephone issues this weekend we will have to reschedule your appointment.”

Apparently the MRI machine broke over the weekend so they pushed all the appointment back but no one bothered to call me. They called the International Patients office instead, since they were the ones who booked the appointment. Only problem- the International Patients section isn’t open Saturday afternoon or Sunday so they never got the message. The MRI staff didn’t even bother to look up my phone number in their records to give me a call so I wouldn’t show up. I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t have my phone number in their system since, over the last three years, I have probably been to that hospital a gagillion times.

After much complaining on our side, we reluctantly took an appointment for tomorrow at 3:30. I told the nurse that this was a very important exam and that I’ve been waiting three months to find out if my cancer treatment was working. I told her that I had an appointment to review the results on Thursday and that they need to be ready before that for my mental health. She promised that they would be. We booked the new appointment and went up to International Patients to complain some more and figure out what happened. After a few phone calls it became clear that they weren’t to blame. They also were nice enough to let me do my blood work today very quickly so that I didn’t have to come in tomorrow morning again.

So, tomorrow my friends. Jon will have to take off work again which is what we were most pissed off about, but I need to have that exam done. Hopefully the results will still be ready by Thursday.


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  1. Janet

    I’m so sorry about the mixup😞 I’m thinking about you and praying for you👍❤️ It will go good and you will be on a flight to Portland🌷


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