More Hospital Frustrations

   Here I am, day two of hospital stay, and I am extremely anxious to leave.  My doctors are at loggerheads as to whether or not I actually have an infection.  My older, Chilean, plastic surgeon thinks that I do and is very adamant that I stay here.  Dr. Buhler (my savior) has visited me twice and he does NOT believe that I have an infection.  He recommends I be allowed to leave… So far the only facts that we have to go on are that my breast is red.  As I mentioned before, I do not have a fever, the breast is not sore, etc.  These would be indicators that I do, in fact, have an infection.  The initial test results of the culture that they took on Monday came back negative, but now we are waiting for the first of the 48-hour results to be returned.  Apparently they need to watch the culture over a period of time to see if the bacteria grows or spreads (if there even is a bacteria present).


    I continue to be extremely frustrated.  There is absolutely no reason that I need to be here receiving 24-hour care!  What a waste of resources to have a perfectly healthy person paying 800 dollars a day to receive a total of 4 hours of care a day…. and also what a tremendous cost to my insurance company.  The only reason I am here is so the nurses can drip in the antibiotics, which would be the treatment regardless if I have an infection or not.  For most of the day I sit here wondering why I am here.  To those of you who may think I am not taking this situation seriously enough: I completely understand the doctor´s reasons for wanting to be cautious considering my medical history.  I certainly would not be happy if I have an infection and they have to remove the implant.  That would mean that I would again be breast-less for the next 3 months before I could have another reconstructive surgery.  It would also mean I would be breast-less for my wedding.  The stakes are, indeed, high, but Dr. Buhler believes the redness could simply just be my body´s way of reacting to the foreign substance in my body, rather than a sign of an infectious disease.  Regardless, he informed me that nurses can come to my house to administer the drugs, which I am most certainly going to push for today.  This way I can go to work for part of or most of the day, which is what I want to do.  


An update: The doctor who specializes in infections just came to visit me.  He also remarked that the blood work came back negative and that the wound looks clean, etc.  It looks like they are going to let me leave and get the antibiotics at home.  Mission Accomplished!! ( I hope)

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  1. Sidney

    Dear Eli,

    I continue to be in awe of your courage and strength. The plethora of human emotions fuels your fight and resolve. I hope that the next wave of emotion is relief, relief, relief. You rock, lady!


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