Half News

Well, don´t go popping any champagne bottles out yet… but as Dr. Majlis so gratefully broke us out of hospital jail last night at 11:30, he did give us a bit of encouraging news to take home.  Yesterday was a marathon session of chemo drugs.  We started at 3:00 and dripped all three drugs in a row. Two hours for the first drug, a half hour for the second, and three hours for the dreaded taxotere.  And then, of course, there were the endless sessions of post-chemo medicines dripped in as well.  Unfortunately they decided to go ahead and give me the bone marrow shot in my belly before we left, but at least now I know what to expect.  Am still wondering when the aches and pains will begin… 

     Anyway, I won´t receive the Pet Scan results (the ones I´m most concerned about) until Friday, but he did have the Brain MRI results.  Originally I had a legion in my bone right underneath my brain, which of course was worrisome.  The scan this time indicated that whatever was there before is no longer there.  I asked, incredulously… “Wait, so the scan showed nothing??!!!”  Dr. Majlis went ahead and made a very appropriate joke about my comment when he said, “Well, there was something… I mean, you probably should be worried if the brain scan showed absolutely nothing.”  Both Jon and I laughed at Majlis´s attempt at humor and went out the door.  But while I wanted to jump for joy at this encouraging news, I know that I need to wait till Friday to breathe a sigh of relief.  So that´s it for now.  I was very happy to get home and hug my doggies again.  Poor things were left home alone for 36 hours while our friend Tom so graciously agreed to feed and walk them.  Thanks!  I plan on spending the next few days watching all of the TV series you recommended on facebook.  And also maybe read a book, although I am already two months ahead for book club. 


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  1. Marcela Chackal Rossi

    Eli…that is wonderful news! I wish you only the best and my fingers are crossed for your results on Friday! Hugs, Marcela.


  2. Julie Kaifesh

    SO GLAD YOUR BRAINS ARE STILL THERE!!! 🙂 Funny doctor, eh? So happy for some very good half news. We have the champagne on ice.
    Mr and Mrs Kaifesh


  3. Katherine B.

    Great news……!! Must call your folks and hear how they are doing. Saw Paula T. In L.S. today at JCS……another BC survivor who is doing well …also Margie from the office….what a group we know !! Hang in there Eli……Katherine B.


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