Round Four Treatment Update

It´s three days out since my last treatment and I gotta tell you… I am EXHAUSTED!  I´m guessing this is the cumulative effect of the chemo, but all of my energy seems to have been sapped away this time. The treatment went pretty similar to the other times, but it took a lot longer.  My doctor was out of town this week so I was somebody else´s patient, and everything just seemed to go a lot slower.  There is nothing worse than waiting around in a hospital after your treatment is done.  It´s as painful as watching paint dry.  I thought poor Jon was going to jump out of his skin. On the plus side, though, the nurses were more aware of my body´s reaction to the taxotere and had some preventative measures in place so that I didn´t pass out.  In addition to all of the anti-nausea drugs, they also gave me three different anti-histamines and decided to drip the chemo drug in for three hours instead of two.   It seemed to work better although I could still feel my body straining against the poison.  Sucking on a delicious Fox´s Mint (Thanks, Leah!) definitely helped cut down on the metallic taste of the medicine.

The after-care from this round was a bit more intense than the previous times.  In addition to three different anti-nausea pills that I take twice daily, I also had to go in to the clinic the day after for a shot to keep my white blood cells up.  It´s really important that I stay healthy and don´t get an infection, so I´m hoping that Jon´s kindergartners don´t pass on some hideous virus.  Actually, I am wondering if the shot is actually what is making my body so sore though, because man oh man- I can barely hold my head up or turn my neck. Luckily I´m still not nauseous but my entire body aches.  I think I could have run a marathon or two and not have muscles this sore.  Very strange.

Regardless, it is a beautiful day out: I´m so glad it´s summer and the garden is in full bloom.  I have lots of TV shows available on my Hulu Plus and some online Christmas shopping to attend to. Best of all, I have two adorable doggie-dos who are content to nap the day away with me on my couch.  Chingy is such a good cuddler and this couch is so comfy.  The three of us are quite the scene right now!   Well, sorry for the rather insignificant post, but I thought it best to keep you updated.  Good luck with all of the crazy pre-holiday schedules.  We have quite a busy week ahead of us next week so I need to save up my energy.  Ciao.



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  1. Julie Kaifesh

    So glad to get your update, Eli, as I have been wondering how this round was going. I wish we had a better treatment than poisoning you!! Sounds like the treatment is taking a toll, but I am thinking positive thoughts of that poison in there kicking cancer cell butt!
    What are you watching on Hulu??? Some of my fav shows are “Homeland”..but you have to watch last season first!! I am also a huge “Justified” fan..if you haven’t been able to see it in your travels it is AWESOME. Get caught up on some great shows while you are recuperating..and get well. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day.


  2. Ashley

    I’m sorry this one’s got you feeling so worn out. I hope you feel a little better each day. So glad you’ve got your pups with you. That online Christmas shopping can be pretty tiring, as far as I’m concerned, so take it easy! 🙂


  3. Katherine Boardman

    Stick with it Elizabeth ( How appropriate is that, for a “getting stuck with a needle over and over ” cancer patient !). I can say that as one who has been there and come out the other end !!
    I thought of you last week when I attended a dinner at St. Luke’s hospital up on 242 here in the Woodlands. Lots of laughter with many ladies who had survived breast cancer… will join us some time ! We sang a song which I had written in honor of our wonderful radiologist oncologist who leads the group. She laughed a lot……it’s the best kind of medicine !
    I know you are getting lots of love and support from your family and friends all over the globe. All best wishes to you from here in the Woodlands…..lots of people at JCS pulling for you …..will talk with your mom and dad soon and get the latest news. Katherine B.


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