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Beneath Cancer’s Shadow

It is February now. My summer trips are over. I no longer watch the blue-footed booby dart through the crystal blue waves to fish. I no longer hear seal lions frolicking on the beach in front of our hotel. As I look over my calendar, I note that I have no job and nothing planned…

The Last Four Years

My latest thoughts: If you enjoy reading this blog or if it helps you in any way, please share, like, comment on, and follow this blog. It really helps the blog to get noticed and I want to use this platform to help others in similar situations. Thanks!

Put Yourself in the Way of Beauty

  When the book, Wild, came out by Cheryl Strayed I was anxious to read it. If you haven’t read it, or at least seen the movie with Reese Witherspoon, you should. I really liked the book and I felt for Cheryl as she was dealing with her mother’s sudden and devastating death from cancer.…

Lady Luck

I’m not much for gambling.  When I play blackjack or craps in Vegas I take out a set amount of money to gamble with and consider it my entertainment money for the weekend. If it runs out I don’t take out any more cash to replace it. I don’t rely on “getting lucky” or “winning big”.…

Stepping Away from the Classroom

Hi readers,
Here is my latest blog post. It is a little long so bare with me. As the blog states I am transitioning from a life as a teacher to one as a writer, so I am looking to expand my readership. Please share my blog with anyone who might be interested or anyone who has been through something painful and might appreciate my words. Please also feel free to comment on the actual blog itself, rather than on facebook, as it helps the blog to get more attention. Your support means a lot.